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Introduction Ashid Studio

Ashid (meaning sunrise) is a tech-based company unofficially founded in 2004 by an enthusiast group of IT, graphics, electronics, and IT management students to create synergy. With the growth in the software departments since 2011 Ashid’s focus shifted from other departments to web-based IT, web design, and internet platform development to reach a better position. Ashid managed to secure a credible position for itself as a reliable company for manufacturing or service companies by designing websites in Tehran for famous brands in the food industry such as Golrang Industrial Group, Oila, Famila, Azoogheh, Kimbal, etc.

Ashid uses the latest web design methodologies based on criteria provided by Google to operate in the following fields:

  • Graphic design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) design
  • Backend programming in JS and PHP using popular frameworks such as Laravel and Nodejs.
  • Frontend programming in JS, CSS, and HTML using popular frameworks such as Vue.js and NUXT.js
  • PWA and React Native mobile programing
  • SEO development
  • Social media management such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, etc.
  • Designing advertising campaigns for attracting customers or increasing brand awareness
  • Linux server management as well as monitoring and management of dedicated servers.

The Sarzamin Hooshmand Tolooe Khorshid Co. registered with ID No. 6859 opened an office in the city of Kashan for further development in fields such as web, mobile application, company website, and sales or service website designs to consolidate its position as a credible company and gained the trust of companies such as Kashan Spinning Mill, Shekarriz Co, Manouchehri Hotel, Ehsan Hotel, Morshedi Hotel, etc.

Developing their long term goals, Ashid entered Zanjan in 2018 to establish a new office there. By developing smart urban and tourism applications and designing a website for the city, the company managed to enter the local market and connect with Zanjan bazaar’s board of trustees and sign new contracts.

Ashid uses four models for its activities:

  • Designing cheap and fast websites
  • Designing professional and unique websites
  • Designing dashboard based and computational platforms (with complex algorithms)
  • Designing dedicated platforms and startup websites

Ashid always tries to act as an advisor for the employer and help them with the tools at its disposal when necessary to further grow and develop the client’s company or brand.

Considering the need of startups for developing their technical teams, Ashid is ready to provide percentage based services in fields such as startup web design, offline mobile application design, social media (development and recruitment), and SEO.


Managers Ashid Studio


Mojtaba saffari nejad

DBA at Entrepreneurship University of Tehran

CEO & Server Management


Maryam Mehrjouei

UI & UX Designer


Hamid Reza Eghbali

Fullstack Developer


Mahdieh Shateri

SEO & Social Management

Consultants Ashid Studio


Dr Meisam Saffari Nejad

CEO at Fararahbord Arman

DBA at Allameh Tabataba'i University

Strategy Consulting


Dr Nader Seyyed Amiri

Assistant Professors University of Tehran

Postdoc Aalborg University Denmark

Marketing Consulting