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Mojtaba Saffari Nejad September 19

Biography of Mojtaba Saffari Nejad

 Mojtabi Saffari Nejad was born in December 1366 in Kashan city. They were studying in the field of electronic engineering until the bachelor's degree.

However, in order to continue his studies at the master's level, he changed his career path and future in order to achieve his goals by changing his major to entrepreneurial management, E-business major in the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran. His personal interest in computers and the start of economic activities since 2013 in various IT fields always lead to interdisciplinary activities for him.

Since 1390, by starting the specialized design of internet platforms and focusing on the Ashid brand, they have limited all the side paths and on the development of group capabilities, they have tried to create an agile and capable structure in the way of meeting the needs of the market and various well-known companies. In 2016, by taking advantage of the expertise and experience gained, they started working in the field of new startups in the field of urban and tourism, and after completing their master's degree by attending a specialized course, they successfully completed a doctoral course in business management. E. DBA, from the university of his master's course, he became the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of Tehran University.

 Mojtabi Saffari Nejad's expertise in the field of e-business is for setting up the virtual and internet part of physical businesses, and he is always at the beginning as a consultant on how to start, the strategy of starting a business and planning in line with the development of growth and marketing. small and big businesses and in this regard, it has been able to be recognized as the top 5 web design and SEO company in 2019 with the brand Ashid Studio, and also in 2020 as the best web design and SEO company in the country from the Web and Mobile Festival Iran should be known.

In addition to the main expertise of  Mojtabi Saffari Nejad as the development of his Ebusiness internet businesses, he also knew the following fields.

Team management and teamwork

Management and setup of virtual server and VPS

SEO search engine management




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