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Web Design

Ashid’s website design includes backend and front-end. The front-end is all the parts that a user faces like texts, shapes, and links but the backend is the code underneath that stores data on the server and databases to be sent to the front-end when needed.

Programming languages and frameworks used by the Ashid group include:

JS, HTML, CSS, and Nuxt.js for the front-end and,

PHP and Laravel for the back-end.

However, Laravel can be used with CSS and HTML as a front-end language but if the user ever decides in the future to make an application from the website they will have difficulty outputting a correct APK file.

Having a powerful API based web design is very important because it increases the platform’s security and leaves room for innovative use of languages such as JS. This also makes creating outputs for android, iOS, and Windows applications possible. Ashid can implement both of the aforementioned systems on the platform which decreases the final cost of the project and gives it more flexibility.

With regard to API-based design, we can say that the backend and front-end speak with each other using a limited set of rules and channels and they cannot accept any form of information or input. As was said before, these limitations are very effective for the safety of the platform. Website design can be done professionally using any language and considering PHP a better language over ASP or vice versa (which is a common practice in this market) is wrong. Very good and unique codes can be written using any of these languages and what is important is the skill and knowledge of the programmer.

Another key element of programming is following the standards such as design pattern which is very important for the Ashid group. But it’s worth mentioning that the pattern is not always the same and you can see the programmer’s taste and preferences in their codes which means that even the best codes in the world can appear bad or inefficient for some.

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