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Search engine optimizations (SEO) are operations designed and performed on web-based platforms to manage Google crawler bots, like an automatic assistant, interpreting and describing your website to Google. SEO consists of multiple phases:

  • Proper designing of web pages
  • Performing special codes for SEO
  • Making contents SEO-friendly using keywords
  • Link building (from the site itself and other websites)
  • SEO-friendly social media.

SEO is a continuous and long-term process. Using proper strategies that the SEO expert appoints for you, you must establish your on-page SEO (your connection to the outside of platform) and off-page SEO (your platform’s inner connections), and manage your users and customers using SEO-friendly contents. Making content SEO-friendly consists of over 30 tips which Ashid will teach your programmers throughout the process of consulting, or, Ashid itself will order contents and implement them in the platform for you and considering your needs.

Social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can also be very instrumental in the process and be effective in the final sales figures of your products or services. The rules for content creation for any of these networks or the website itself differs from each other and the specific route which our SEO expert appoints for you is absolutely effective in achieving the desired result.


In fact, SEO is a multifaceted and complex algorithm which has been designed by Google to rank all the websites available on the internet from first to last. This algorithm is not transparent and clear, and SEO experts, using trial and error overtime and general webpage guides attributed to Google employees, learned this algorithm. Ashid suggests that you take SEO seriously for the first three months of your website since these three months could be the golden three months for the employer. After your website gained a rank, wherever you stand in this competitive table, you need to keep trying to climb higher and succeed. SEO is always a continuous and long-term topic, a branch of customer attraction strategy and users who are looking for their goals in the internet. Short-term perspectives, the guarantee to reaching the first page in a short period of time, is certainly bound to happen through one of these methods:

  • Paying expenses directly to Google
  • Fake and wrong methods

The first method is favored and acceptable if the proper work and operations are implemented in your website, and this payment will increase Google’s attention toward your website. But the second method, even if it works, considering the changes in Google’s procedures, will cause the website to quickly drop from first page, and makes the bouncing back from that backlash even harder and more expensive for the website and the client

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