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Progressive Web Apps design (PWA)

With the widespread of smartphones in society and the massive increase in its utilization among all users, app design became the main focus for many. Therefore, more than ever, producing mobile apps have become the subject of discussion in reputable companies, who use software such as Android Studio for Android apps or Swift in Mac to develop such apps.

The major issues and similarities between these two models are:

  • Inability to quickly and easily update
  • Difficulty in coding and lack of credible libraries
  • Images not loading properly in different brands due to size differences
  • Difficult and complicated debugging
  • Differences in the operational versions of Windows and Mac and both having their own separate programming ecosystem.

After many years of enduring difficulties using these models, Google offered a new method and that was using web applications called PWA. Progressive web apps were an example of a web-based platform which offered output in the size of mobile phones (mobile view). Moreover, it is possible to create icons, splash screens (app’s initial explanatory tour), and mobile style menus in it. Currently, the disadvantages of this model are more regarding the lack of access to all the features of phones and their special sensors, which, according to Google, is going to be fixed. The advantages of using this model are:

  • The ability to quickly update using web, with no need for a newer version
  • Access to GPS and even fingerprint sensors
  • Ease of programming, compared to native methods
  • The pervasiveness of libraries and operations
  • reduced production time and need for manpower
  • no page refresh needed (compared to web pages), plus the quick and immediate loading

PWA can be used with any web-based languages, but the output file for the phones (like the APK file) can only be in JS. This is a structure which Google has chosen and developed for this model. You can build what you have in mind in a website and then, through a relatively simplified process, have your apps as well. Ashid is also capable of making React Native apps as well which are used in specific projects.

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