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Portal web design

Portal design can be considered the biggest activity we invest in in the web world. In fact, portal design is an interconnected and complex form that was arranged at the discretion of the UX department and is available to the user in various stages. In simple terms, a website will provide you with the information you need, but if you also design a registration form for the customer and ask him to upload his image and personal information in the next step, then the company information, financial and Ask for manpower in various menus and options to enter, you have a portal design on your agenda.

Portals are actually multiple websites in different sections that are linked together. It is the art of the web designer to arrange the UX structure so that the user feels that all these pages are integrated and all the information is connected. In order to design the portal, various topics can be considered, which are:

News portal design
Educational portal design
School portal design
Financial and accounting portal design
Statistical portal design
Management portal design
Logistics portal design
Delivery portal design and delivery services
Portal design of distribution company and presence of in-house marketers
Portal design of institutions and companies
Design of monitoring and reporting portals
Designing a portal for medical studies and experiments (cohort studies, etc.)
Organizational portal design and office correspondence (office automation)
Commercial portal design
Cultural portal design

Each of the above portal designs has specialized and professional sections that can be addressed in great detail, but if we want to deal with general and similar issues between the design of different portals, the following options are important:

Design of registration and login module

Each of the portal designs needs a section to which users can transfer to enter their registration information and their list is immediately available to management in the management portal.

Ability to forget the password
Possibility to change the number
Ability to apply the password manually from the management
Ability to upload additional information and ...

Professional UX design

Professional UX design is the main role of any portal, each of the modules and pages that are designed, how to connect to it is very important, what is the UX design in the content produced, we have dealt with it to an acceptable level. It is very important to note that the roles in portal design have become much more important and not only requires UX design for the user to enter, but also the execution process and the user exit path become more important than before.

Professional UI design

The role of UI design is very important and undeniable, which we have discussed in the content of UI design. But in portal design, the important point is the integration of design in all pages and sections designed in different modules. Observing the standard points in this way and creating a good feeling for the user brings with it an experience that brings him back to the designed portal.

Utilizing a dedicated server

Portal design on shared servers and hosting is a topic that can be set up, but the pressure of features and requests loaded on the server, as well as increasing the number of users can make the implementation process more difficult. Speed and access make the dedicated server one of the portal design requirements.

Ability to develop in portal design

Portal design in Ashid Studio is a common thing in the year and for this reason, the desired infrastructure is always designed in such a way that it has the ability of any transverse and longitudinal development (horizontal and vertical). Ashid Studio is also a leader in this field with the features that it has put in the portal design section, and it updates them every year and puts new features in it. See the list of features of the portal design section.

Dynamic access level module design
One of the most difficult modules for portal design and website design is the access level module, which is generally designed separately for each portal design, but Ashid Studio with its special model has been able to provide the level of access to the employer and the employer It can also define roles first, then assign different sections to each role and allow them to see some options and not others. This special feature greatly shortens the time of the employer and communication with the portal design team, and requests are processed quickly by the employer himself.

Design of two or more portals (Multi Side)

Many portal designs require a model that each user has their own management system and statistical dashboard when logging in. These types of systems have a special access level that we discussed in the previous section. . Designing executive portfolios, like a virtual card, always listens to each user's operations and affairs, for example, informs the portal file expert how many files he or she has to deal with and is in their administrative cycle. . Or what areas should management consider for today?

CRM design and customer club

CRM design is another service that Ashid Studio provides to its customers in portal design. Designed CRMs have different rules and structures according to customer needs.

Manage corporate emails and correspondence systems

Ashid Studio with complete confidence in managing your emails

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