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startup January 18

What is a startup? And how to develop a startup in cyber space?
Startup in the business market has different definitions, but the collection of opinions is summarized based on one topic, that startup is a business and a model for generating income, which has ambiguity in this way of generating income, and when the project progresses to such an extent that There is no more ambiguity in its revenue generation model, this means that it has become a business. In addition to website design orders with recognizable dimensions, there are other projects that originate from an idea or a problem, and the team with the idea and expertise need to add an expert team to carry out the idea and complete support in certain moments.

Ashid Studio with the thought that startup is a science and with his experience from his previous startups that he has launched in Sunrise Smart Land Company as well as other collections that have been with them as consultants or executive teams along this path. It is possible to start working with you as an IT and business expert team and hand over the platform to its main shareholders as the system grows.

When is it better to outsource the design of a dedicated platform and website design for startups?

  • Absence of a technical consultant team in order to identify and solve the problem of the idea and how to implement it
  • Absence of a business consultant team for specialized market research
  • Absence of a technical team with experience in the implementation of website, application and SEO
  • Request for the possibility of exploitation with the least risk and waste of the investments made
  • The possibility of delivering the source code of the project for future operations and not depending on the initial technical implementation team
  • Absence of a consultant team in the field of technical team building alongside the employer's team
  • In order to learn as much as possible about the technical implementation path of the Ashid Studio team, you can read the full features of the website.

Setting up a platform that can be efficient for you on mobile, Windows, Mac and Linux always has many complications, and Ashid Studio can make an important part of this happen for you at the beginning. Ashid suggests that you start your startup in the following two ways.

  • Launching a startup taking into account micro market conditions and maximum initial research
  • Initial diagnosis and initial research of the intended market in order to start the business
  • Customer market identification, STP (categorization and different targeting for each category of customers)
  • Identifying competitors' markets, feasibility studies and considering the position of the business among them
  • Designing the business canvas from the information obtained and checking the best applicable conditions
  • Designing and producing business strategies, advertisements and promotions according to the specific and limited resources of the company
  • Designing and planning online business strategies according to the comprehensive strategies in the previous stage
  • Implementation of the desired platforms according to the researched structures
  • Taking feedback and regular movement in the predicted path as much as possible

Launching the startup step by step and making maximum use of the company's limited resources

  • Primary research, benchmarking, limited market identification of customers, competitors and existing strategies
  • Drawing the business canvas based on the Lean model and preparing the path for implementation
  • Launching usable MVP prototypes at the lowest possible cost
  • Limited advertising in the range of initial customers
  • Examining the acquired feedbacks and arranging the next stage strategy in order to continue the path

 As you have read, Ashid is ready to cooperate with private and government teams in the direction of organizational and non-organizational entrepreneurship. It is worth considering that the conditions of starting a startup always have different challenges that must be carefully and in detail moved in this direction. In order to request a free consultation and get to know more about the abilities of the Ashid team, you can contact Ashid Studio through the form below, the experts of the group will respond to you in the shortest possible time.

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