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cms design January 18

What is the use of internet portal design?

To better understand the meaning of platforms and designing complex websites with heavy algorithms, you should pay attention to the way of doing work in a job and business.

For example, all the employees of your business group need to request and get approval for their leave. Usually, to do this, they send a written letter to the higher-ranking official, and if approved, they can go on leave. When this case is formed through an internet platform, it can be formed in an integrated way, away from human errors and in the shortest possible time.

Pay attention to the process of taking leave below:

  •   Starting to request leave from human resources
  • Select the exact time from the live calendar
  •    The attention of the system to the leave of manpower and permission or not permission for this case
  • Introducing a possible alternative in case of their absence in the work environment from among other employees of the same basic and related
  • Obtaining approval from one or more senior officials according to the conditions of the work environment and...
  •    Announcement of leave to relevant colleagues in order to inform and respond to clients
  • Registration in the filing system and...

As you have noticed, the simple process of taking leave should be done in an online platform with much more accurate quality and monitoring, and it is obvious that the above rules can be accompanied by other conditions and rules from your side. The design of internet portals should always be completely privatized based on existing needs and provided to the executive team.

What is the reason for designing complex portals and multipurpose platforms?

  • The need to perform one or more complex processes and management through the Internet
  • The need to manage a group or all customers in order to buy, order, customer club, etc.
  • The need to manage the production process and the possibility of finding effective trends during production
  •    The need to manage shipping and company logistics for customers and employees
  • The need to manage documents that can be uploaded on the website from a large group of audiences
  •    Need to do offline structures in the direction of electronic government and internet trends
  • Management of production, sales and customer response processes

According to what you have read, the need to design complex portals always originates from the existing requirements in two important ways, how to control and monitor the processes, as well as the non-present format of the processes. Click to view all types of Internet portals.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of designing an internet portal with a complex algorithm?

The advantages of designing an internet portal with complex and advanced algorithms:

  • The ability to closely monitor the desired processes
  • Maximum elimination of human errors
  • The possibility of displaying time-dependent statistics and graphs based on the processes in question
  • The possibility of removing unnecessary processes to achieve maximum optimal conditions
  • The possibility of collecting information (Data Gathering) and performing online and offline analytical processes

Disadvantages of Internet portal design with complex and advanced algorithms:

  • Difficulty in understanding how to properly process the desired user experience (UX Design) of working with the platform
  • The high difficulty of beautiful and desirable design for the display format graphics in the portal (UI Design)
  •    High price and cost of implementation at the time of designing internet portals compared to the website
  • The need for a multi-specialist team in order to achieve the desired plan
  • The sensitivity of coding and establishing communication between different departments
  • The sensitivity of how to store information in databases for future use
  • Need a professional support team to fix possible defects after the delivery time

Ashid announces its readiness to display its existing works in the field of designing complex portals, and if interested in ordering and receiving advice You are free to design your own portal by clicking on the form below.


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