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List of users November 20

The list of users in any CMS environment and management environment is widely used and needed. In the list of users, which is divided into several different sections, each section has several options according to its needs, which can be addressed as follows:

  •      Profile of user list

         Personal information The list of users includes information such as name, surname, father's name, national code, identity card, age (date of birth), gender, and essentials.

  •      Interests and side information

         In this section, according to the needs of the platform, we receive options such as information interests or purchase-oriented from the user in different parts of the platform and save them.

  •      Login ID information

         Password, private questions for password recovery, password security, etc. are checked in this section. On many platforms, forgetting the password is connected to the mobile system so that the user receives a text message by entering his mobile phone and pressing the send button, which can enter the registered code in the system or click on the sent link to enter the new password. Register in the system.

  •     Management options

         In the list of users you can see the section that is used as activating or deactivating the user. In this case, it may be necessary to temporarily prevent a user from entering the platform during business activity, at this time by disabling the user, the user information is saved, but will not be able to log in until the active button is pressed. Had.
         Another part that can be seen in some websites is the user authentication status. The user's identity is activated by sending a text message to them and registering in the system, and in this way it is clear to the employer how many users have just registered and have not confirmed their authentication.

  •     Ability to record one or more images

        Avatar is the first image that is recorded in this section, but other options such as user file information can also be uploaded in this section and used in different places.

  •     Application dates

        These dates can be divided into categories such as: registration date, change date, activation date, last login date, etc.

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