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Calendar Hijri November 20

Persian calendar is hardly available in code design sources and libraries due to its solar nature. According to the needs of their employer, each programming team is required to design a Persian calendar that covers the appropriate and requested facilities. One of the methods is to convert the Gregorian date to the solar date. The glorious calendar is designed in Ashid Studio. This Persian calendar can be used with features such as selecting day, week, month and sense of operation.
If you need event registration like Microsoft Outlook, you can use this feature. In Ashid Persian calendar, you can see any information that is stored in each day and number of different times in the whole day or week. For example, for a laser clinic, the times requested and stored by the clinic's clients are visible on a daily basis, and it is easy to see at a glance the reserved times for the entire day or week.
Different people can access the calendar the same or different, and this is another feature of Ashid Studio. For example, the possibility of registering an event in the calendar should be provided to the admissions department, but the node that produces the content does not have access to this department.
Any information stored in the calendar is not actually stored in the system information databases and is not calendar dependent. We can turn the information into custom reports or charts and statistics that are required for webmasters or website visitors in different sections.
If the project simultaneously requires a solar calendar or a lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar. Ashid Studio provides him with the same format.

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